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What to Expect

private pay home care for seniors - what to expectImagine you are being discharged from a health care facility, nursing home, rehabilitation center, or hospital. Perhaps you have had hip or knee replacement surgery, pneumonia, or a fall. You are told you will need help when you go home. You may live alone or your spouse may not be capable. Or your spouse is not capable of taking care of you at the level you need to recuperate.

Perhaps you are a family member of a person about to come home to an unsafe environment. You want to help, but your own circumstances do not allow you to be available as much as needed.

Understandably both seniors, their spouses and family members will feel anxious about transitioning home. Before being released, the facility discharge planner, social worker, or case manager will arrange a meeting with you, your family, and a home health care agency. Ask for Care Solutions to be there.

As your home health care provider, Care Solutions will begin by developing a care plan designed to meet your individualized care needs. As your home health care provider, it is our responsibility to put your concerns to rest and help you attain your maximum level of independence.

The care plan we develop will likely evolve and change as you make progress. Care Solutions personnel work as a team, continuously evaluating, discussing, and coordinating client care.

If you are a family member and your plans for a loved one need to be made from a distance, Care Solutions will provide everything necessary to ensure their home is safe and there is a continuity of care.

Please call 508-366-5689 for more information or additional assistance.

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