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Our Team

Kim Sieurin RN, BS
Founder/President and CEO

Care Solutions - Kim Sieurin Kim is a Registered Nurse who entered the health care field with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Marketing.  She worked for many years at St. Vincent’s Hospital in the Coronary Care Unit.  Wanting to hold onto the “people” part of her profession but also explore the business side, she worked for a major pharmaceutical company as well as an assisted living facility.  When she opened Care Solutions in 1996 in a small office in Westborough, Massachusetts, Kim was able to fulfill her ultimate dream of providing quality, friendly home care services. Since then, the company has grown to include subsidiaries that provide private duty care, certified home care, and assisted living services.   The staff at Care Solutions truly reflects Kim’s commitment to caring as best reflected in her personal favorite quote: “Don’t waste time today worrying about what could happen tomorrow”


Jennifer Mastromatteo
Vice President of Finance

Care Solutions - Jennifer MastromatteoAfter graduating from college, Jennifer served as a coordinator for the Meals on Wheels Program in Worcester.  When she joined The Team in 1998, her original role was Assistant to the Fiscal Director. She has vastly expanded her abilities to include administrative duties and the supervision of the financial departments of our companies. 

Jennifer has masterfully managed the on-call services.  We take great pride in Jennifer’s role as the “human voice” at the other end of the phone on holidays and after hours. Jennifer's attention to responding to the expediency of the situation and her sensitivity to the callers set her apart. 

Favorite Quote:  “If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney

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